Moving Ahead…………..!

One step forward,

One step backward,

I stay where I am.

Happy n contended,

In the embrace of inaction.

The complacency of being in the

familiar territory!

I know the souls, the places, the things

around me!

Apart from the general unpredictability of life,

everything else is quite predictable!


But the small voice inside

murmurs everyday.

It is a faint murmur;

I thought I could stifle it.

It dares to scratch beneath

this happy surface everyday…..

Everyday  it catches hold of me

And has the audacity to pose this question:

“Is that all You want, Is that all You are?”

The more I shut it up everyday,

the more innocently does it bounce back!


with a childlike energy and candor…

Eye in Eye, it asks me…..

Like a person being cornered,

Like a convict being haunted down to the last

hiding place,

I can no longer hide.

It is oozing all out of me,

it is spilling all over from every nook and crevice…

“Oh, I am sum total of much more than you see..”

“So, go ahead, why fritter yourself away.”

“Well, I was looking for the ideal  path….”

“O, I did not know that you were such a perfectionist!

Have you found anything, any person, any circumstances perfect ?”



“So, move my dear…move at your pace

but do move —-

for anything standing in one place vegetates!

Move like who you are…

Gracefully, graciously and as you do move,

You turn the picture into a near-perfect one!

You get drawn and woven into the Bigger Picture

as a unique and luminous speck!!”


2 thoughts on “Moving Ahead…………..!

  1. This is the first time , i saw your blog . Your writings are beautiful ! The words just flow effortlessly and naturally . So proud of you !!

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