I arrive halfway

My two children on my either side

Trying my best to hand them down

whatever I have.

Generations before me have

carried out this ritual.

Time has been a witness to

handing down of vast empires,

majestic palaces…

Oh! the precious family heirlooms…!

Glancing back at the path trodden,

I see a familiar sight…

Only it is my father, in place of me

and we children hold onto his hand..

He never preached a word.

We saw him toiling hard;

Etched in the memories is his

dignified face,

going through the tests of life

—never mind the apparent low scores

in the eyes of the world……….!

I take over the Baton

My lips are in prayer that I can walk with the same grace

and pass on the legacy of values to my offspring.

I walk, I walk along with my children,

there seem to be some fields nearby

fields of ripening crops, fields of saplings nurtured over a full season

to be abloom very soon!

The whiff of air brings me  the scent of my coming  generations!!!


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