An Urge To Travel

Have you traveled like a traveler …!!!

I am not talking about visiting places, where you go to see a world famous
monument…..pose in front of Eiffel Tower or Taj or bring home shopping trophies
from branded arcades. I mean to say travel just to experience the place, its
people, to observe them go about their lives, marvel at their way of dressing up,
their eating habits and something as simple as how they greet each other, what
are their favorite haunts and delights. And while you do this, you assimilate some
patterns, some part of their life, their culture. I fancy, this would be very enriching,
broadening the perspective of life!

As a child, I always dreamed of going around the world. How I could go, it was
not clear then. But travel I did, to many places, during my tenure of 20 years in
garment export….right from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok to most of the
European and Scandinavian countries and US. The most common memories of all
these visits have been admiring glances for my embroidered Indian outfits and
puzzled look of waiters in restaurants on my being vegetarian (not even eating
fish or egg…for them then fish and egg were like vegetables….though a lot more
awareness is there since the past few years). However, I must say the people
at the food jaunts mostly cooked up an exotic mix of veggies for me with equally
exotic sauces!!!

All these visits were such a flurry of activities…airports, hotels, offices, spending
sleepless nights because of jet lags and being anxious about the business. Now
I have this urge to travel in a different way. I want to travel for the sake of
traveling to that chosen destination, to soak in the scenic beauty, to simply
observe the place, people at unhurried pace, to meet and talk to people from all
strata of life….to meet the artist and the bureaucrat, the professor and the conman
(short of getting conned by one!), to see what is their take on life!

Today, I got a call from my son, who lives in US that he plans to visit Japan, all by
himself…to see various cities…no specific agenda, just to experience Japan. I can
understand him.


3 thoughts on “An Urge To Travel

  1. I agree, travelling really changes your perspective, and gives you maturity. I don’t how it happens, but everytime I have travelled, I have returned home as a different person, and probably a better person!

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